Thursday, August 8, 2013

Meet the Artist: Lowell Miller, sculptor

In the early 1970's Lowell Miller experienced a near-total transformation as a result of Reichian and Bioenergetic practices, and almost immediately began showing sculpture in New York and publishing poetry in Rolling Stone magazine.  Disenchanted with the art world scene then, he moved to the Hudson Valley, where he continued his exploration of sculpture and text.  At the same time he has been pursuing a successful career in business, taking heart from Andy Warhol's idea that "…working is art and good business is the best art.”  Mentored for many years by Wade Saunders (a sculptor, the Director of Sculpture at R.I.S.D. and a long-time sculpture critic for Art in America), Miller has pushed to capture the somatic side of emotion and aesthetic feeling, seeking a vocabulary of object and gesture that provides a "body" for the inarticulable.  He seeks to infuse an object with primal experience of the sort that's common to all of us but often obscured by our civilized concerns and attentions.  We have come far from our aboriginal ancestors, and yet we retain much of their consciousness and un-consciousness.  Reaching for contact with that elemental part of us is the subject of Miller's work.  After nearly 40 years of working mostly in isolation, Miller has only recently opened his studio for private sales of his work and begun to arrange for shows.  To see more of his work please visit

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