Friday, September 27, 2013

Do you love a dessert?

I usually like to have an element of surprise with regard to my dinner parties.  I would never ever give a hint re who'll be there or what dishes I'd serve, etc.  But this dinner party is different.  It's a fundraising dinner.  My friend Susie Gordon, who owns Divine Desserts, will be supplying desserts for our fundraising dinner on Saturday, October 26th.  (How kind of Red Onion to allow me to do this.)  Susie has just given me the list of desserts she'll be baking for our event, to wit:  
                                       Dessert  Selections
Hazelnut Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting  *  Lemon Tart  *  Apple Pie a la Mode  *  Gluten Free Walnut Cake  *  Assorted Cookies (including Pistachio Lace, Linzers, Mallowmars, Hazelnut Almond Crescents, Sugar Cookies and maybe even chocolate cookies and rugelach)    

It's not like she will prepare all of them for each of the 25-30 persons at dinner.  But rather it will be like on an airplane - first come first served.  But I believe there will  be enough treats for all attendees who have a sweet tooth.  How lucky am I to have such a generous friend as Susie!  (More on her and her Divine Desserts on another post.)  What I like about her desserts is that they're not cloyingly sweet.  I am allergic to overly sweet desserts myself but I do overindulge when it comes to her desserts.  They're the best.  And btw I'm no chocolate lover, so if you love chocolate please let me know now for she can always replace the hazelnut cake with a chocolate cake!!!  Rsvp  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Singer/Songwriter Rachel Loshak will be the musical guest at a Fundraising Dinner to support the Woodstock Library Annex Project, Oct. 26th

Very pleased to announce that the English Singer/Songwriter Rachel Loshak will be the musical guest at our Fundraising Dinner on Saturday, October 26th!  Meet and dine with the artists on IAG's Autumn Art Tour then and also help support the Woodstock Library Annex Project by so doing.

Please check out Ms. Loshak's website, the link to which is as follows:

  1. There's a very limited number of dinner tickets ($125 per person, partially tax-deductible, for early birds; $225
    by next month) available so buy yours now!

A Short History of the Woodstock Library

Excerpted from The Story of a Small Town Library, by Frances Rogers, 1974:
On a chilly Wednesday evening in November of 1913, a group of Woodstockers gathered at the Fireman’s Hall to learn first hand about the newly formed Woodstock Club. Founder of the experimental Byrdcliffe Arts Colony, Ralph Whitehead, started the club along with Charter members Walter Weyl and Dr. Mortimer Downer, to set up a nurses fund and to create a library. How would the club pay for these services? By charging members yearly dues of $1.00, and the club would buy a moving picture machine and hold picture shows once or twice a week at the Fireman’s Hall.
Read full article, compiled by Kim Alderman and Amy Raff, at the Woodstock Library website 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I've added a writeup on potter Brinton Baker today.  He was away, etc. and could not send me his artist statement and imagery until now.  Based in Accord, NY, he is the only one whose studio we can't visit on Oct 26th for it would take ~45 minutes to get there from Woodstock.  However, he has found a very nice venue close enough to Harvey Konigsberg's and Hatti Iles's conveniently adjacent studios (the one from 5:00 - 6:00 PM) wherein to hold his exhibit that day (6:15 - 7:15 PM).  If there is enough interest he can do a short demonstration beneath the exhibition space.

We'll be holding our Wine Reception at Brinton's space - the address is to be revealed to confirmed attendees closer to the date.  Suspense.....

Meet the Artist: Brinton Baker

The potter Brinton Baker’s’s main goal is to breathe some of his life into the clay he fashions into three-dimensional forms.  After taking a ceramics class during college he immediately felt a freedom to express himself within a disciplined form of creativity.  This led Baker to a full time pottery apprenticeship in Japan with a master potter from Feb 1986 – Aug 1990.  His four and a half years’ pottery apprenticeship with Koichi Yamamoto in Kumamoto, Japan constitutes the base for his work with clay.  This traditional apprenticeship process of developing a deep skill set of ceramic forming processes has enabled his creative energy to bloom.  Baker is drawn to fabricating simple designs and shapes as well as creating motifs and forms that will hopefully put a smile on your face.  He is influenced by the natural world and human civilization.  Humor is his tonic for overcoming human struggle.  He also hopes that his work continues to create deepening pleasure for the viewer/user over time.  He strives for understated simplicity in form and design.  His late mother Cornelia D. Baker’s work as a printmaker has inspired him for many years.  Baker has led numerous workshops over the past 25 years and offers ongoing classes and workshops in his Stone Window Gallery studio in Accord, NY.  He just completed teaching a series of classes at the Byrdcliffe Barn’s ceramic studio in Woodstock during the summer of 2013.  Follow him at