Thursday, August 8, 2013

Meet the Artist: Mark Thomas Kanter, abstract painter

Mark Thomas Kanter’s work derives from a process of mark making which reflects the natural movement of the human body.  The resultant organic movements and use of dark and light configure themselves into palpable if imaginary forms and space that are intrinsic to his work.  Kanter’s concern with light, though more metaphorical by nature, is important as a conveyor of the poetics of his work.  Kanter's work reflects the psychological force of light and dark, motion and stillness.  His pieces exists at the intersection of painting, printmaking and drawing, beginning with printing ink applied on Lexan until an underlying structure and imagery suggest themselves.  He then mono-prints this by hand onto paper or canvas, allowing serendipitous accidents to occur.  He uses India ink, charcoal or oil paint to realize the final pieces.  The resulting works of art, produced with this unique process, are neither purely figuration nor abstraction; rather they are a “configuration” in which figurative and abstract elements are the Yin and Yang which evoke a pictorial space that is analogous to the larger phenomenological world.   His work can be seen at

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