Thursday, August 8, 2013

Meet the Artist: Calvin Grimm, abstract painter

As an abstract Expressionist painter, Calvin Grimm engages in an individual dialogue with each canvas.  Such a dialogue is never predetermined but rather is spontaneous and informed by years of in-depth personal experience with the forces of nature.  He draws from first-hand knowledge of how physical dynamics are continuously repeated in vast and varied macro and microscopic worlds.  His goal is not to define a particular setting but to draw from all environments to create harmonious and tensioned juxtapositions that remind and permit the viewer to have their own dialogue with these forces of nature.  “Grimm’s work comes from a biomorphic expressive abstraction which he carries into his own energetic and richly inventive mode,” wrote Sara Lynn Henry, Distinguished Professor of Art History at Drew University. Grimm’s paintings, while largely based in nature, freely involve emotive and intuitive awareness.  A painting’s evolutionary process can be read in each gesture, each edit and each character.  In his early 20s he designed and built his mountain home and studio in Woodstock, NY, where he paints today.  As wilderness educator, mountaineer and horseman he has explored extraordinary environments, which continue to influence his work.  Images and biographical material can be found at

"Georgia's Black Iris and Michele's Amaryllis"
60" x 72"
Oil on canvas

"If Olives Could Dance"
16" x 20"
Oil on canvas

"Clearing Out the Stories"
48" x 48"
Oil on canvas

"The Secret Life of Fungi"
46" x 60" approx.
Oil on canvas

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