Thursday, August 8, 2013

Meet the Artist: Hatti Iles, fantasy imagery art painter & sculptor

A self-taught artist, Hatti Iles has been painting since she was a little girl in England, where she sold her first painting at age 12.  Today she is a fantasy imagery painter and sculptor whose art must surely be influenced by surrealism and her peripatetic life.  She has lived all over Europe and America as well as in Afghanistan, India, Kashmir and Nepal.  As a painter Iles is obsessed with certain images and shapes such as horses’ noses and large human feet, both of which often show up in her work.  Her highly imaginative subjects are almost always animal forms although she likes combining human and animal features in her works.  Symbolisms from mythology, archaeology and ancient history, all of which she is passionate about, are evident in her work.  The images Iles creates are about love, kindness, fun, surprises and relationships.  Some of the characters in her art may look serious but they are never mean.  They always have a kind light in their eyes.  Her work is all about love and line.

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  1. Dear Hatti,
    How nice to see your amazing paintings! You imagery is really exciting and the talent is beyond!!