Friday, October 25, 2013


Twenty-four hours before our art crawl I had an incredibly busy day today.  It is not like me at all for I usually like to have everything prepared weeks ahead of time so I can relax the day before - at least that is always the intention.  I woke up at 7:30 AM and soon went to an artist's studio to help type labels for his art works.  After three hours of typing and fighting with his printer I proceeded to another artist's studio to help him finalize his display and take away what has too much sentimental value to be sold.  (Those went to storage.) We put labels next to the pictures he can part with.  Back to the it-takes-a-village theme, we had no less than five friends and hired help in attendance to help clean, dust and tag the items at this location.  Had a detour at another artist's studio at her request to check out what she had done so far.  To my disappointment, price tags were still missing....she promised to have them ready by her time slot tomorrow. As a shopper myself - and I may be alone in this - I don't want to be bothered asking any questions if I can help it.  For if you have to ask you probably can't afford it.  If everything is well marked then it is that much easier for all concerned.......

I was late getting to each of my appointments for I was having printer problems of my own since last night, so of course I was late leaving every appointment as well.  My next stop was the hair salon, where I was also 30 minutes late.  So nice that Frey did not yell at me.  He was helping someone else so while waiting I decided to run out for two quick errands that had to be absolutely done and by the time I got back another 30 minutes later, they were almost ready for me.  But I had to do two more tasks so with my hair color still processing and only a shower cap on top of it, I had to drive to those two places nearby.  What a funny sight I must have been.  Luckily they are both good friends and they understand the desperate means that desperate people resort to.....

When I got home very late at 7:30 but with every strand of hair in place at least, friends from out of town whom we had invited to dine with us at 7 were already deep in conversation.  I quietly went to my printer to print out 22 welcome packages for tomorrow.  With nine hours remaining, the only thing left to do now is to make a seating plan for dinner and match 36 guests with one another to make up three fun tables.  Maria has done the calligraphy on place cards she gifted us from her store (or she can send me a bill).  She'll also make the flower arrangements for each table.  All she needs is a copy of my seating plan so she can get there tomorrow before 7:45 PM, and we're done.  See you tomorrow.  All I ask of you is this: if you're an art crawler please don't be late nor skip out on any studio visit.  If you are an artist please label your art.  Thank you for your support of this project and all best wishes to you!

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