Sunday, October 20, 2013

Logistics for Autumn Art Tour this coming Saturday & Sunday, Oct 26 & 27

Hello All,

I'm looking forward to seeing you this Saturday.  I've sent all confirmed attendees an email containing the addresses corresponding to time slots for each artist studio.  (I'll email the same information to any one who confirms that they'll be attending.)  It's important to note that the studios will open only during their respective designated times (i.e. by appointment that day) so it won't be possible to drop in at whatever time we want to......

May I suggest carpooling?  It's not only environmentally friendly, but also practical for certain studios may not have enough parking spaces or street parking on narrow roads may endanger your vehicles or may obstruct traffic......Lastly it can be a fun way to get to know others in the group.  For this purpose I've contacted the centrally located Woodstock Golf Club to ask if they'll lend us their parking space.  The management of the club, led by general manager and course superintendent John Rizza, has magnanimously given us permission to park at their auxiliary parking area, which is the grassy lot across from the club (on Route 212 and east of Cucina), that day so we can carpool!

Shall we all try to meet there this Saturday, October 26th, at 10:15 AM and share rides?  It takes five to seven minutes to get to the Kanter-Hutchison studios from there.

We are 14 in all on the art tour and I'm counting on a) no last-minute cancellations from anyone; and b) some more persons may well join us for either morning or afternoon studio visits only, for they could not commit to a whole day this Saturday.  I would appreciate hearing from you if you fall in the latter category so I can tell two different caterers (Black-Eyed Suzie's for lunch, and Christine Gonzales Pordy for reception) how many persons they'll need to feed!

Our fundraising dinner, the honorary chairpersons and hosts of which are Susan and Stuart Auchincloss, has been sold out for some time.  The reason is that I had chosen a venue that can accommodate only 28 persons.  For this reason we could not market it actively.  (Lesson learned: next time, if there is one, we'll get a more flexibly expandable room.)  However, we've just been able to persuade Red Onion's very kind manager Jeff Beck to add three small tables outside the dining room to accommodate performance-and-dessert only guests from 10:00 PM.  Singer Rachel Loshak is OK with this idea.  So we ran with it yesterday and two of the six seats are spoken for, while it's first-come first-served for the remaining four seats.  The way it will work is said ticket holders would have to stand in the dining room during the performance and sit down at three small tables just outside of it for dessert and coffee.  Btw desserts, to be supplied by Susie Gordon's Divine Desserts, are going to be delicate and delicious.  A suggested donation of $50 for said performance-and-dessert tickets will go to the library......

An aside: Those who can not join us for dinner that night ought to try the special Halloween dinner fare at Creekside Grill, which is the current incarnation of the restaurant at Woodstock Golf Club.  I hear it's good and I myself have to try it very soon.  I'll surely try to go there again from next month on in order to reciprocate John Rizza and his colleagues' generosity re parking this Saturday.

Back to our art tour group, please be reminded that the next day Sunday we have a nature walk of Comeau Property right in the heart of town.  According to its website, "Comeau Property is a 77-acre municipally-owned parcel and the seat of Woodstock Town government....It has approximately 74 acres under a conservation easement with the Woodstock Land Conservancy," which means it will be protected as a perpetually open land by WLC.  It's a beautiful piece of property and we are very lucky that Michael Drillinger and Rosalind Dickinson of WLC (thank you, Rosalind and Michael!) will be leading that tour at 9:00 AM on Sunday, October 27th.  (This is actually helpful for we got lost when we tried to walk it one day last winter and haven't tried to go back since.)  Let's meet at the parking lot that is closest to the town offices at the top of the hill, at 8:55 AM Sunday so we can start the walk promptly at 9:00.  If you're running late you may call my cellfone for Michael tells me he has ATT and gets good service in there.

This will be followed by brunch (at 10:00 AM if not sooner) at Oriole 9 Cafe, which is within walking distance of Comeau Property.  As Oriole 9 does not take reservations, I think we'll be fine at that time of day even on a Sunday.  There is a long community table that I hope we can have if we get there early enough (say 10:00 AM sharp).

11:00 AM Sunday is set aside for appointments with studios we'll have visited the day before, for those who want to take a second look at the art they liked and/or seal the deals.  Please let me know during dinner (or the artists themselves if you prefer) if you'd like to make such an appointment so they don't double book.

Dana Egan is working on designing for us a walking map of Woodstock that highlights our favorite art galleries as well as stores.  We'll give you a copy on Saturday when we see you.

I believe I've covered all the bases......if not and you have questions please ask either here or by calling me.  See you then, dear ones.........

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