Saturday, October 19, 2013

IAG Productions' Autumn Art Tour 2013 Woodstock, New York

Autumn Art Tour 2013 Woodstock, NY is an Ingenious Art Group Productions-organized tour of art studios in Woodstock.  It will be held on Sat & Sun, October 26 & 27, and will benefit the Woodstock Library Annex Project.  Nine artists on the tour include painters and/or sculptors and a potter.  The tour is targeted at art collectors who want to meet artists who produce great art, in their respective working environments. Attendees will be visiting Woodstock during what we at IAG hope will be a beautiful fall weekend, when foliage is usually at its prettiest.  Each studio and/or gallery space is very different from the next but each one is full of its own charm and will be a real treat for the art aficionado who also wants to buy some art that weekend.

The artists on this tour are: Brinton Baker, Calvin Grimm, Harvey Konigsberg, Hatti Iles, Heather Hutchison, Jenne M. Currie, Lowell Miller, Mark Thomas Kanter and Pat Horner.

This event is different from your typical art studio tour in several ways:  1) It is a guided group tour with a schedule that has been pre-agreed with each artist.  This is helpful in that a) each artist commits to open his or her studio for only up to 90 minutes on Saturday, thus freeing them up for the rest of their day;  and b) each artist gives a brief talk to the group about their technique and intention only once that weekend, which will again save them time that they can use making their art if they so wish.  2) There is an admission fee to join the tour, which will include a light lunch at one of the artist studios and also a drinks reception at another artist's space.  3) There are other group activities organized for tour participants such as a guided Nature Walk on Sunday morning, a group Brunch at a lively restaurant after it (for an additional fee) and a walking tour of IAG's recommended galleries and museums in town.  4) The 2-day event will benefit not only the wonderful artists included on the tour if they sell their art (and we at IAG certainly hope they'll sell lots of them!), but also a worthy local cause that is dear to the community's heart, that is the Woodstock Library Annex Project (more on this topic on another post).

There is a Fundraising Dinner on Saturday (Oct. 26th), which is an opportunity for tour members to meet and dine withe the artists.  It will be held at the private dining room of Red Onion, a favorite local restaurant. There'll be music, great food, interesting conversation and gregarious friends - in other words it will be one fun party!

In summary, Autumn Art Tour 2013 is expected to be a beautiful fall weekend that is jam packed with art, fun and interesting people.  It is our hope that attendees will come away from the weekend with lots of new knowledge, new friends and new art for their homes - they'll see great art and meet the artists behind them.  By so doing they will also help a favorite local institution that is the Woodstock Library - in particular the construction of its much needed additional space, the Library Annex.

Interested collectors are advised to book their tickets and accommodations early, for not only are hotel rooms in Woodstock proper limited, but also fall is high season for them.  We have a list of recommended inns and B&Bs in Woodstock, some of which will give Autumn Art Tour participants a small discount.

For tour and/or dinner tickets as well as complete details about the event, please contact Rachel Jackson of IAG Productions at 646 331 0908 or     

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