Friday, September 27, 2013

Do you love a dessert?

I usually like to have an element of surprise with regard to my dinner parties.  I would never ever give a hint re who'll be there or what dishes I'd serve, etc.  But this dinner party is different.  It's a fundraising dinner.  My friend Susie Gordon, who owns Divine Desserts, will be supplying desserts for our fundraising dinner on Saturday, October 26th.  (How kind of Red Onion to allow me to do this.)  Susie has just given me the list of desserts she'll be baking for our event, to wit:  
                                       Dessert  Selections
Hazelnut Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting  *  Lemon Tart  *  Apple Pie a la Mode  *  Gluten Free Walnut Cake  *  Assorted Cookies (including Pistachio Lace, Linzers, Mallowmars, Hazelnut Almond Crescents, Sugar Cookies and maybe even chocolate cookies and rugelach)    

It's not like she will prepare all of them for each of the 25-30 persons at dinner.  But rather it will be like on an airplane - first come first served.  But I believe there will  be enough treats for all attendees who have a sweet tooth.  How lucky am I to have such a generous friend as Susie!  (More on her and her Divine Desserts on another post.)  What I like about her desserts is that they're not cloyingly sweet.  I am allergic to overly sweet desserts myself but I do overindulge when it comes to her desserts.  They're the best.  And btw I'm no chocolate lover, so if you love chocolate please let me know now for she can always replace the hazelnut cake with a chocolate cake!!!  Rsvp  


  1. So generous of Susie Gordon! And the Red Onion is a great restaurant.

    1. Yes, Susie's a great baker and a generous friend.....Red Onion Restaurant not only has great food and ambience, but also it has a wonderful staff and chef-owner. They generously gave to two silent auctions (highest value and two in a row!) I was involved in (this May and June). I decided I'd have to return the favor by dining there more than I had was easy to decide and hold our fundraising dinner party there this time. Quid pro quo. It has been a pleasure dealing with its manager Jeff Beck!